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Teaching Saturday Slow Flow since 2014.

Nancy’s multiple discipline fitness expertise combined with a warm, friendly teaching style insure that her yoga classes are always a joy to attend.  Familiar and new postures are combined to provide a personal touch for all participants.

- New Student, July 2019 -

Nancy's Slow Flow class is a great fit for me.  Within a few weeks, I noticed that my weak knees were stronger and I had much less pain.  Every week I find that the movements assist my body in adjusting to where it should be. I could blog after every class about the benefits I get.  And--class is fun!  Instructions are clear & flexible.  I can even do moves that I wasn't able to do years and years ago.  I highly recommend this class!

- Anne -

I've been taking Slow Flow from Nancy at Tula in St. Paul for over a year.  I appreciate that Nancy takes notice of her class, and makes the experience very accessible to everyone. She has incorporated some core work and Tai Chi -- in place of the more up and down movements in other yoga practices.  This makes for a very satisfying hour. 

- Mary S -

One hour of Nancy's Slow Flow gives me a better, more complete work out (both for my body and my soul), than any other type of exercise I engage in.  After Nancy's classes, I feel lighter and taller. Do yourself a favor and seek her out!

- Eva -

Nancy is a polished professional teacher.  And she's always willing to thoroughly answer questions after class.

- John -

YMCA Members

2006-2016: Taught BODYPUMP, BODYFLOW, Mat Pilates, Fitness Yoga, Gentle Yoga, Chair Yoga, Kids Yoga.

I think Nancy is a GEM of a teacher -- one of the best teachers I've had over the past 30 years of practicing yoga.  She gives clear direction and good options to difficult poses.  Every week, I look forward to attending Nancy's class. 

- Cindy - 

I know exactly what to expect when I come to Nancy's class.  I know that I am going to have a rich experience.  Nancy also models how to build community and promotes community by the things she does and communicates.

- Sara - 

I accidentally found your class as an out-of-shape and ground-zero-novice. During your class, you blend well the practice of yoga with the instruction of yoga, which is a gift! Your instruction facilitates active learning, and your approach works for a diverse audience.

- Jeffrey -

For the first time, I found a class that actually "fits" me.  When I left class, my body felt great. Excellent teaching methods by Nancy.  I was hooked after only one time.

- Marilyn -

Your instructions help me stay fit, and your wisdom about life helps me broaden my horizons.

- Karola -

Thank you for being curious to try new things, and take us along on your journey.

- Delta -