Studio Location

Tula Yoga & Wellness

99 Snelling Ave N, Saint Paul, Minnesota 55104, United States


Saturday Slow Flow @ 10:30am

A unique practice ― in a unique studio.

Blended and Breath-Centered - Try my fusion of Mat Pilates, Basic Yoga, and Tai Chi Style Flow designed to improve overall agility, balance, strength, and body-awareness. Each class offers simple breath-centered movement appropriate for a public drop-in mixed-level class.

No Hands-On Adjustments - No hands-on assists are given during class, so everyone can feel, experiment, and move within their own safest range of motion.

Accessible Options - Props (blocks, straps, bolsters, blankets) and pose options are offered to safely adapt moves for a variety of needs.

60-minute Class ― Mixed Levels

Simple Framework - 3 main sections:

1. Mat Work - Spine, Hips, Core, Back, Arms

2. Standing - Posture, Squats, Tai Chi, Balance

3. Mat Ending - Choose your own ending, try a resistance band series with me, or just relax!

Variations - To keep things fresh, and also meet the needs of the people in the room, moves are adapted and altered from week-to-week.

Soft music or No music - Soft instrumental music is played in the background, or sometimes no music is used at all.


  • Flexible Single Payment Option

REGISTER   here.

  • Or, register in-person at the studio 15 minutes before class.


OTHER Details:

  • No added heat.
  • Free use of mats & props.
  • Changing rooms available.