My Story

I've been fascinated with movement my entire life.

In my youth

I did gymnastics, ballet, diving, track, and soccer. My happiest memories are when I was practicing on a 4" wide balance beam, concentrating on every move ... or when I was in the middle of huge floor exercise mat, perfecting my routines to the music.

  • Extreme focus.
  • Endless practice.
  • Overcoming fear.
  • Making it all look effortless.
  • Pure joy when I nailed my routines.

In college

I earned a gymnastics scholarship to the University of Missouri-Columbia in 1979-80, the first year of its inception.  My senior year of high school, I was recruited to be on a team of 8 young women to launch the Mizzou Tiger Women's Gymnastics program.  At that time, women's college athletic programs were still getting up and running.  The program quickly grew a loyal following and became a significant revenue generator for the university.

My life after gymnastics ... 

  • Being a gymnast in the 1970's and early 80's prepared me for a lifetime of trailblazing.
  • I learned to be disciplined, resilient, and go at my own pace.

What I didn't know then ...

  • That I would spend the rest of my life ― breaking down barriers for women ― at every stage of my career in tech, as a working parent, and now in midlife navigating the challenges of aging in the 21st century.

As an adult

I continued to explore various forms of dance (jazz, modern, ballroom), practiced Mat Pilates, and eventually discovered Mind-Body Fitness.  I became fascinated with fusion practices that blend ― Pilates, Yoga, martial arts like Tai Chi and Qigong, and basic dance elements.

Now, I create my own practices ... 

And I bring others along with me on the journey!

My Mission

Why I teach drop-in classes.

  • Local accessible classes.  I offer donation-based classes, so people from a variety of backgrounds and abilities can practice along side each other in their local community.

  • Simple movement, easy to customize.  I love to design simple sequences that allow each person to experiment with variations, so everyone can move within their own safest range of motion.

  • Skills for Home Practice.  I love to help people develop their own consistent home practice.

  • Build a wellness community.  Group classes strengthen community connections.  We have FUN, make friends, and help each other keep our health and wellness a top priority!


My Credentials

My Partnerships