About Nancy


My lifelong love of movement.

In my youth.

I did competitive gymnastics, dance and ballet, diving, track and soccer. My happiest memories are when I was practicing on a 4" wide balance beam concentrating on every move. Extreme focus. Endless practice. Overcoming fear. Making it all look effortless. Pure joy when I nailed my routines!

In college.

My senior year of high school, I was recruited to be on the very first University of Missouri-Columbia Women's Gymnastics team. At that time, college athletic programs for women were still forming and launching. 

Being a trailblazing female student-athlete formed me at my core. I learned to be very disciplined, resilient, and go at my own pace.

My life after gymnastics. 

As it turns out, I've spent my life trailblazing and leading change ― breaking down barriers for women ― at every stage of my career in tech, juggling work and family, and now reinventing midlife and active aging.

All along the way. 

I keep exploring creative movement, dance, Pilates, yoga, and mind-body fitness. I'm fascinated with simple practices that blend Pilates, yoga, and martial arts like Tai Chi and Qigong. I create my own fusion classes and teach others how to develop their own consistent home practice.


My "Keep Moving" Mission

Offer local accessible classes. 

I offer donation-based classes, so people from a variety of backgrounds and abilities can practice safely along side each other in their local community.

Encourage movement exploration.

I love to design simple sequences with variations that encourage experimentation, so everyone can explore and move within their own safest range of motion.

Empower with self-care skills. 

I love to help people develop their own consistent home practice.

Nurture community connections.

Group classes strengthen community connections on many levels. We have fun, make new friends, and support each other in our quest to keep health and wellness a top priority!


My Credentials – certifications, experience, and ongoing training.

15 yrs teaching local classes.

Adults, Kids and Seniors 65+

Fitness Centers, Wellness Studios

Schools, Workplaces

Private Sessions

Mind-Body Fitness

Essentrics® Home Practices

BODYFLOW® Yoga, Pilates, Tai Chi

PhysicalMind® Mat Pilates


SomaYoga® Fundamentals

E-RYT Yoga Alliance® 

200-hour YogaFit® 

200-hour CorePower® 

Group Fitness

NETA® Group Exercise

YMCA® Group Fitness

Silver Sneakers® 65+ 

BODYPUMP® Strength

My Current Partnerships