My Movement Story

I've always been fascinated by creative movement.

Competing on the balance beam at the University of Missouri-Columbia.

In my youth  

I did gymnastics, ballet, diving, and other sports.

I spent a lot of time on the Balance Beam and Floor Exercise choreographing and perfecting my routines.

Extreme focus.

Endless practice.

Overcoming fear.

Making it all look effortless.

In college

I competed on a gymnastics scholarship for the University of Missouri-Columbia the first year of its inception (1979-80).  I was part of the team who forged a path for the wildly successful Mizzou Women's Gymnastics program. 

I didn't know it then, but being a gymnast before it went mainstream, prepared me for a lifetime of trailblazing as a woman of my generation, challenging norms and pursuing non-traditional roles.  I learned to be disciplined, resilient, and chart my own course.

As an adult

I practiced ballet and Pilates,

took up ballroom dancing, and 

discovered mind-body fitness practices.

I became fascinated with fusion practices that blended dance, Pilates, yoga, and martial arts. So, I set out to learn the fundamentals of mind-body fitness, connecting movement to breath, and teaching group classes.

These days I

Explore new methods,

create my own practices, and

teach in my local community.

My Practice Mindset

My Teaching Credentials

My Current Partnerships